Kangal Dog Price in India For Adoption with Monthly Expenses 2022

Kangal Dog Price in India – When you are a dog lover and decide to make a pet family or have already initiated the process of making a pet family and if you are thinking of adopting someone more dauntless and powerful member of your pet family then the Turkish Kangal dog can be the best choice which I would personally suggest.

Sometimes you need your space and let things go autonomously then an independent livestock guard dog can be a Kangal dog which can look after itself on its own.

Despite being the boldness and attitude of a soldier, it is good for making a member of your pet family.

Kangal dogs are well known for their guardian nature towards their family or children. With its austere appearance, it still bears amiable nature beneath it, so it has more demand across the world. Even royal families own this just to elevate their royalty.

Now coming to our main topic of this blog Let us see The Turkish Kangal Dog Price in Indian Rupees 2022.

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Factors Affecting Kangal Dog Price in India

Now coming to the price of Kangal dog in India there are many important details which one should know you can make a trade at a reasonable price by knowing several factors:

  1. If you are an Indian and importing it from overseas then the cost may go up beyond your reasonable price.
  2. Secondly male dogs are quite more expensive than female ones.
  3. The cost of the Kangal dog keeps varying on its location from one place to another.
  4. Then if you are searching for a pure breed then in India it may cost you more than Rs.1,30,000.
  5. The daily expenditure and maintenance cost can hamper the cost.

Monthly Expenses On Turkish Kangal Dog in Indian Rupees

So after you decide to adopt a Turkish Kangal there come to know that buying a puppy of Kangal would cost you from Rs.90000/- to Rs.300000/-from overseas point, but in India, it may cost you around Rs.25000/- to Rs.80000/-.

If we talk about Monthly Expenses on the The Turkish Kangal Dog in Indian Rupees then their expenses will be around Rs. 4,000 Per Month.

Turkish Kangal Dog Breed History

So this breed initiated its journey from Sivas province of central turkey and now making its existence all over the world. Kangal breed has been a huge part of ancient history creating its history in the Assyrian empire around 600B.C.

These dog breeds were used to protect their shepherd from being the prey of other wild animals like wolves and many carnivorous animals.

Kangal dogs have carnivorous features like wild canines which give them power and elevate some bold attitude. Read More…

So now coming to size and other physical features.

HEIGHT – Male Kangal Dog – 70 to 80cm.

HEIGHT – Bitches or Female Kangal Dog – 63 to 75cm.

WEIGHT – Male Kangal Dog – 48 to 60kg.

WEIGHT – Bitches or Female Kangal Dog – 40 to 50kg.

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Characteristics of Turkish Kangal Dog Breed

Temperament of The Kangal Dog

Kangal breeds are very protective towards their master and family while powerful to combat their enemies or the predators around them.

Kangal breeds are highly alert and sensitive. They are independent and self-controlled with all this they are highly alert to respond to the predator’s attack.


Kangal Dog

Other Names

Sivas Kangal, Turkish Kangal






12 to 15 Years


Male - 30 to32 inches
Female - 28 to 30 inches


Male - 50 to 67 kg
Female - 41 to 55 kg



Litter Size

average litter size being 6.20 puppies

Puppy Price

Rs. 25,000 to Rs 75,000.

Kangal Dog Price In Various Cities of India 2022

You can cross-check your planned budget with the price mentioned across the country. So we have raised the price of Kangal dogs in various cities in India.

Kangal dog price in Kolkata

If you are a resident of Kolkata hoping and decided to purchase a Kangal dog then the Kangal dog price in Kolkata will be around Rs.65,000/–Rs.72000/-.

Kangal dog price in Delhi

Now here the cost might be different from other parts of the country and The Kangal Dog may cost you around Rs.55,000/–Rs.70,000/- in the Capital of India Delhi.

Kangal dog price in Mumbai, Pune

Coming to the colorful, and Dream city Mumbai or other parts of Maharashtra and if you dream to get your colorful dream of adopting Kangal would cost you in and around Rs.25,000/–Rs.72000/-.

Kangal dog price in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai

Now heading to epic south India the price of various cities are followed as:

The price of Kangal Dog Price in Indian Rupees in Bangalore may be Rs.65,000/ to Rs.70,000/-. While in Chennai the price of Kangal dog would halt at Rs.65,000/–Rs.72000/. And in Kerala, Hyderabad, Kangal dog would cost you around Rs.65,000/–Rs.68,000/-.so these numbers can give a rough idea of the price of Kangal dogs available in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions on kangal dog price india

1. Can we pet Kangal in India?

Yes, Kangal dogs can be reared as your pet in India in your residence. So if you decide to buy a Kangal dog in India then go for it.

2. Is a Kangal a good family dog?

Yes, Kangal dogs are friendly and very jolly with children with protective nature.

3. Is the Kangal the strongest dog in the world?

One of the unbelievable factors or facts of the Kangal dog is that with its dauntless nature and carnivorous physic it’s a powerful dog with a bite force of 734 psi.

4. Will a Kangal protect its owner?

Kangal being alert and protective always guards its master and its beloved ones from the attractors or its enemies.

5. Which dog has the strongest bite?

Kangal shepherd breed has a bite force of 734 psi which has emerged as the strongest bite force dog in this notable era.

6. Do Kangal dogs bark a lot?

Turkish Kangal dogs, shepherd dogs, and other breeds of Kangal dogs are said to bark a lot but they keep a harmonious and peaceful environment around babies and children.

7. Are Kangal dogs easy to train?

Every dog can be trained but a Kangal dog needs a scheduled routine from its childhood which can be a disciplined and obedient pet.

8. How long do Kangal dogs live?

So life expectancy or the lifespan of a Turkish Kangal dog, shepherd Kangal or Kangal dog is a maximum of 15 years or more than one decade.

9. Can Kangal live in hot weather?

The origin of this Kangal breed is from central turkey so it can manage the hot weather and cold weather with the basic shelter requirements like water, food, etc.

10. Are Kangal Dogs Available In India?

The pure breed is not available in India and if you want to purchase a pure breed so it can cross your budget other breeds are easily available in India at a reasonable price.

11. Is Kangal Dogs Aggressive?

Their temperament is quiet and calm where most of the time it’s controllable. They are not aggressive.

12. Which Dog Can Defeat Kangal?

Some research scientists compare Kangal with a lion as the power of the lion is said to be a subset of Kangal and Kangal can be defeated by the lion only.


So if you are a lone wolf or bachelor and stay alone but think you need a guardian angel with you then a Kangal dog can be the best animal for that position.

Kangal dogs not only act as guardian angels but can befriend in times of leisure time. Kangal dogs are too friendly to children. To elevate your royalty then a Kangal dog can be the best choice. Some voids can be filled with pets so love pets rare pets.

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