How to Train your Cat to Sit on Command 2022

How to Train your Cat to Sit on Command – Cats are unlike dogs, they are one of the smartest, intelligent, and independent animals that don’t obey the commands of their owners.

But it is our responsibility and job to train them to obey their owner in one command. For example, If you ask her to sit, she has to sit, and if you ask your cat to use the toilet she has to use the toilet.

Many of you think that cats are impossible to train, but you are wrong. As I said they are intelligent animals, they can be trained easily.

Training your cat to sit can help you in many things, Such as, while preparing food for your furry friend she will roam around your legs, scratches her head, and sometimes if you delay their food she will bite your legs. So to get rid of your cats this kind of behavior it is necessary for you to train your cat to sit.

According to some studies, if you want to train your cat to sit or do other activities then you need to have patience and give your cat some amount of time, because, though they are fast learners, they can’t be trained as fast as Dog.

If you are facing difficulty or don’t know how to train your cat to sit on command, then here I have listed some of the working tips using which you can teach your cat to sit.

Let’s get started…

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Can you train a Cat to sit on command?

Yes, you can train your cat to sit on command, for this you have to invest your time, some treats, clicker and you have to use some tricks which I am going to share with you below.

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How to Train your Cat to Sit using these Steps

To get started with training, you need to have following things:

  1. Tasty treats or Cat food, that your pet like the most, Like Raw meat, Fish.
  2. Room with no distractions.
  3. Clicker.
  4. Patience.
  5. Be positive.

Step 1 – Sit beside your Cat with treats

If your cat is sleeping on the ground or in her cat bed, go near her and sit beside her, do not forget to take your cat’s favorite food in your hand.

So what happens next is when your cat smells the food she will get up from her bed and start searching here and there. At that time what you have to do is lift your hand (Hand containing treat) and show your cat the food.

Do not forget to lift your hand up, because if the treat is above her head then she will definitely sit down, and start making noises(Meow Meow), This is the signal she is giving to you to give her the food.

Repeat this more than 8 times a day, to train your cat to sit.

Step 2 – Reward your cat more treats if she sits on your command

After attempting step 1, the next step is to reward your cat with more treats, only if she obeys your command. Here comes the command step where you have to give an order to your cat to sit.

Before feeding the cat, tell her to sit down using vocal cues (For example – Kitty Sit Down, Sit down Kitty) command this and don’t feed her until your cat sits down.

Step 3 – Lifting the treat up from your Cat Nose

While feeding her, hold the cat food in your fingers and slowly lift your hand up from your cat’s nose. She should follow your hand and look upwards.

After raising the treat for about 5 to 6 cms, slowly move it back towards your cat’s backbone. If she follows the treat looking steadily then she will come in the seated position.

Once she sits down, Say ‘Good Kitty‘ and give her the food. Repeat these steps at least five to six times a day.

Step 4 – Train your cat to sit using Clicker

The clicker is another best and working step for teaching. Whenever you see your cat sitting on her own or doing something you approve of, at that time immediately make the noise of the clicker and reward her with treats.

Do not forget to make a clicker noise whenever her bottom touches the ground, this will motivate your cat and she thinks that the owner is playing with her, and she will do it again and again.

If you don’t have a clicker, you can buy it on Amazon or any other online store, or you can use a ballpoint pen as a substitute.

Step 5 – Remove distractions from your Training Room

If you don’t want your cat to get distracted during training, make sure to remove all those things from your room, which distract your cat.

Step 6 – Do not Punish your Cat

Training cats may take some time, but this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to train your cat to sit. give them some time to learn, do not get angry if she is not learning to sit.

Don’t get physical with your cat, like hitting or beating, this could make it more fearful, and your cat will start avoiding you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to teach a cat to sit?

– It depends on how much time you train your cat to sit a day. Let me take an example if you are teaching your cat to sit 4 times per day then it will take around 2 weeks to complete the training.

2. How hard is it to train a cat to sit?

– No, training your cat to sit is not at all hard or difficult, it just need patience and good training.

3. Are cats easy to train?

– If I compare cats with Dogs, then according to me Dogs are easy to train then Cats.

4. Can you train a cat without a clicker?

– Yes, there are many other ways to train your cat to sit without a clicker. Follow the tips given above.

5. Can I use a pen for clicker training?

– Yes, of course, you can use a ballpoint pen for clicker training, you just need a thing that makes a clicking noise.

6. Are there training schools for cats?

– Yes, there are cat training schools that can train your cat in every activities. The training school which I know about is Make sure to visit their website.


Finally, I just want to say that the main important thing a trainer should have while training a cat is patience, if you don’t have patience then you can’t train your cat to do tricks.

I hope you got this article helpful, if yes then make sure your friends and families having a cat as a pet learn how to train a cat to sit, by sharing this article with them.

And if you have any questions related, feel free to ask me in the comment below.

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