Get rid of Cockroaches forever at home with these 9 tips in India 2022

How to get rid of cockroaches forever at home in India – I know that you are fed up with cockroaches present in your house and want to get rid of them forever. That’s why you are here looking for the best tips to get rid of cockroaches at home permanently.

Don’t worry you are at the right place, because in this article I will share with you the Top 9 best and working tips that will help you to remove those crawling cockroaches from your kitchen, mattresses, Car, and from your home permanently.

But before that, we will take a look on what are the things that attract Cockroaches to your home?

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What Attracts Cockroaches to Your Home?

Cockroaches are insects that every person in the world wants to get rid of from their house. But before that, we should see what are those things that attract them to your house. So here is the list of things that cockroaches get attracted to and enter your house.

  • Food crumbs – Always clean your floor, kitchen, and other places where these food crumbs are found.
  • Water leakage – Water is the most important thing you should take care of, because Cockroaches love places near water, as they need moisture to survive.
  • Food – They come in search of food and enter your house. So always keep your food closed in the container and place it in such a place where they can’t reach it.
  • Cracks of walls – Cockroaches need shelter to live, and in search of that they enter your house from the cracks or opening of the wall.
  • Garbage – Another most important thing that you should take care of is Garbage because garbage attracts many other insects like Cockroaches, lizards, bugs, and other pest-causing insects. So empty your garbage every day, and keep your garbage bag or basket clean.

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How to get rid of Cockroaches at home in India

1. Get rid of cockroaches using cockroach killer spray.

Get rid of Cockroaches forever

Cockroach repellent or killer spray is a must to have in your house if you want to get rid of cockroaches permanently forever. Cockroach killer spray contains chemicals and oils that are hated by cockroaches, and it keeps them away from your house.

There are many Cockroach killer sprays available in nearby stores or online. Some of the best cockroach killer spray available in India are Lal HIT, Kaala HIT, Baygon cockroach killer spray, etc.

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2. Neem helps to get rid of cockroaches at home in India

Neem is one of the most important and healthy leaves you will find in every Indian house, used in preparing food, for medical purposes, etc.

But do you know that Neem oil is poison for Cockroaches?. Yes, you read it right. Neem oil when mixed with water becomes the most dangerous poison for cockroaches.

Now we will talk about how to use Neem or how to get rid of cockroaches using Neem oil. So here is a very simple thing you have to do, take one water bottle and mix Neem oil and water in it and spray it around the places where you see the cockroaches, and spray it from where they enter in your house like near doors, windows, holes, etc.

3. Clean your house everyday

Get rid of Cockroaches forever

The very important tip to get rid of cockroaches forever at home is to keep your house clean, have a habit of cleaning your house every day, because cockroaches are attracted to dirt, and garbage. They are always on the lookout for food, crumbs, water, etc.

So always remember to do these things:

  • Clean your kitchen every day.
  • Kitchen cabinets, sink outlets, and washbasin should be cleaned.
  • Don’t keep food open, close them in the containers or dishes.
  • Immediately sash dishes and all other utensils after having a meal, don’t keep them to wash afterward.
  • Don’t leave tap water ON. This attracts them because they like to live in moist places.
  • Garbage should be thrown every day, and keep your dustbin outside your house at night.

4. No leakage of water

Water attracts cockroaches and makes them enter your house because cockroaches cannot survive without water. Cockroaches love moist places where there is water. That’s why you will see them more in your washbasin, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

So immediately wipe the places where there is water, seal off cracks in a bathroom or washbasin pipes, there should be no water leakage.

5. Peppermint Oil –  Home remedy to get rid of cockroaches forever

If you are looking for the best home remedy to kill or repel cockroaches away from home then peppermint is the best solution for it. The study says that essential oils like peppermint oils are very effective in keeping away cockroaches, But it won’t kill them.

How to use peppermint oil to get rid of cockroaches at home forever.

Take one bottle and mix peppermint oil with water and vinegar and spray it around your house, in each corner and entrance where these cockroaches are seen. Just like you did using Neem oil. This helps you to get rid of cockroaches from home, kitchen, etc.

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6. Boric acid kills cockroaches permanently

Get rid of Cockroaches forever

My favorite and the best working home remedy to get rid of cockroaches from your home is using Boric acid. Boric acid is used in maximum houses in India as a cockroach killer or repellent. Because it kills the cockroaches within no time if it comes in contact with them.

Dust the Boric acid in every corner of your house, and dust it on cockroaches if you see around, trust me cockroaches get killed instantly, and if by chance they escape they will never return to your house.

7. Bay Leaves

Another natural but less effective home remedy to remove cockroaches from your home is using Bay leaves. Cockroaches hate the scent that comes from these leaves, and they can’t stand there where these leaves are present.

But it is said that Bay leaves are less effective at repelling cockroaches away from home.

8. Get rid of cockroaches forever using Baking Soda

Mix Baking soda with little sugar and make small balls and keep it in each corner of your house. Sugar attracts them easily and Baking soda kills them. This is another best tip to get rid of cockroaches forever at home in India.

9. Cover leftover food or put it in dustbin

Always cover your food after having a meal, and make a habit of cleaning the utensils immediately after having food. If you keep those utensils to wash afterwards then this attract cockroaches to your house, Because they need only 3 things Food, water and shelter.

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How and from where Cockroaches Enter Your Home?

Cockroaches are one of the most dangerous pest insects found in the world. They live in moist and dirty places, they carry germs, bacteria, and diseases with them when they enter your house and make you sick.

They can enter your house in many ways, as they are very smart at hiding, cockroaches can enter your house or apartments from the windows, door, cracks or holes in the wall, from kitchen sink outlets, they can enter your house by hiding in your clothes, in your groceries, etc.

Frequently asked questions.

1. What kills cockroaches instantly?

Ans – There are many working home remedies to get rid of Cockroaches instantly, but some of the effective remedies are:

  • Boric acid and Sugar – Mix sugar with Boric acid and make small balls of that and place it where you see those cockroaches. As sugar will attract the cockroaches whereas Boric acid will kill them.
  • Lemon – Lemon consists of acids that irritate the cockroaches when you splash the juice of a lemon on them. They can’t tolerate the smell and acid present in it. So this is another best tip to kill cockroaches instantly.

2. What do cockroaches hate the most?

Ans – Cockroaches hate the smell of Lemon, vinegar, Boric acid, Lavender, Citrus, Eukalyptus, Pepperment oil, Cedarwood oil, etc.

3. How do I permanently get rid of roaches in my kitchen?

Ans – Here are few tips to get rid of cockroaches permanently in your kitchen.

  • Always keep your kitchen clean and tidy.
  • Seal food in the containers.
  • Keep food in Fridge at night before going to sleep.
  • Don’t keep water tap ON, because cockroaches get attracted to water.
  • Immediately clean crumbs.

By doing these things you will get rid of cockroaches permanently in your Kitchen.

4. What kills roaches and their eggs?

Ans – The eggs of cockroaches are called as Ootheca, and if you want to kill those cockroaches and their eggs then there is only one thing, crush their eggs and throw it out of your house.

5. Does baking soda and sugar really kill roaches?

Ans – Yes, mixture of Baking soda and sugar can kill Cockroaches instantly. Because baking soda is poison for roaches and they hate it the most, whereas sugar attracts them, and if they eat the mixture of baking soda and sugar then they get killed instantly.

6. Do Roaches hide in mattresses?

Ans – There are no such places where these crawling insects roaches cannot be found. They can be in your House furniture, in the cracks of the walls, in Kitchen cabinets, they can hide in mattresses, in fridge, in sink outlets, etc.

7. Does vinegar kill cockroaches?

Ans – Vinegar are poison for the insects but not for cockroaches, it has been seen that Cockroaches cannot be killed using vinegar, but you can remove it from your house, as they hate the smell of it.

8. What sounds do cockroaches hate?

Ans – Cockroaches hate the sound of closing the door, clapping, and all those loud noises.

9. What is the best roach killer?

Ans – Baygon cockroach killer spray and Hit cockroach killer spray are the best roach killer available in India 2022.

10. Does bleach kill cockroaches?

Ans – Yes, bleach can easily kill Cockroaches.

11. How to get rid of cockroaches in car?

Ans – Just like home they enter your car for place to live and lay eggs, which is dangerous. So always clean your car with bleaching powder or use cockroach killer spray and spray it on the places where they hide.

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