8 Best Lizard repellent spray in amazon India 2022

8 Best Lizard repellent spray in amazon – I know that Lizards are the biggest headache of every house owner who want their house to be clean and free from pests, and to get rid of Lizards there are many working tips that i have given in my previous post that will really help you to remove lizards from home.

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And if you are Looking for the best Lizard repellent spray in amazon India that can kill or repel Lizards away from home? then here are the list of best Lizard spray that will help you to get rid of Lizards naturally and permanently without killing them.

Here are 10 Best Lizard repellent spray in amazon India

1. Lizard Shield’s Best Organic Lizard Repellent Killer spray For Home.

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Now say goodbye to those creepy crawlies Lizards and geckos because here comes Lizard Shield’s, 100% natural and Best organic Lizard repellent spray in amazon, made in India. It is made from all-natural ingredients and herbs that can easily remove Lizards from your house without killing them.

This Lizard repellent spray is Eco-friendly, safe to use, Non-toxic, Chemical free and medically tested. It has a scent that is unpleasant to house Lizards and Geckos.

So now to get rid of Lizards no need for traps or poisons to use, The above repellent spray is a safe way to remove Lizards from your Kitchen, desk, windows, outdoor, etc. Also, it is safe for human beings and pets.

2. MAGIC SHOCKLines Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray.

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Magic Shocklines herbal Lizard repellent spray is another top quality and best selling Lizard spray on amazon India. It is a safe to use, colorless and no smell product made up of completely natural ingredients that Lizards don’t like and repels them from your house easily.

If you are looking for the best way to get rid of Lizards without Killing them then this Lizard repellent will help you to remove Lizards from your home easily and naturally.

This repellent spray is so strong that after spraying this the Lizards will not dare to go near that place and start avoiding that area.

3. Green Dragon’s Organic Lizard Spray

Best Lizard repellent spray in amazon



Green dragon’s Lizard spray is made up of active ingredients like Cinnamon oil, Allyl Isothiocyanate, Citric acid. The main purpose of making this best Lizard repellent spray is to repel Lizards, not to injure or kill them. Because I know most people don’t like to kill animals.

It has a combination of pungent smell and nasty taste which cannot be tolerated by the Lizards in your house and they will never come back again.

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4. Herbal Strategi Lizard Repellent Spray

Best Lizard repellent spray in amazon



Lizards are the most feared pests that every Indian has at home. Though they keep the house clean by eating other insects, flies, ants, etc. But Lizards are also pests which can cause you various diseases.

So to get rid of house Lizards or geckos the above Lizard repellent spray is made from Lemongrass of which Lizards are afraid of the most. Also, it contains Cedarwood and neem oil which are the best natural ingredients.

It is a non-toxic and biodegradable repellent made exclusively from natural ingredients and plant extracts, Herbal Lizard Repellent is safe for both your kids and pets and can also be used around your indoor plants.

It can be used on walls and other surfaces as it doesn’t stain them making it perfect to get rid of these wall dwellers.

5. Natureka LizoBlok : All Natural Anti-Lizard Spray

Best Lizard repellent spray in amazon



Lizoblok Lizard repellent is made of 100% organic blend of essential oils like Lime, Lavender, Castor oil, Lilac, that are sourced from the mountain farms of Himachal pradesh. These essential oils helps to repel Lizards from your house.

This Lizard repellent targets only House Lizards and Geckos by deactivating their receptors. The blend also releases a natural irritant that repels the Lizard from that area.

Also it reduces the body temperature of the lizards which will cause them disability to maintain their body and they fall down, or else they will run out of your house and never return again.

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6. GEELEE MITTI Safe Natural and non poisonous Lizard Repellent Spray

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Another Best Lizard repellent spray in amazon that repels not kills. This Lizard (Chipkali) Spray is made from a blend of essential oils mixed with ether and can be sprayed in the house without any hesitation.

It is a herbal lizard repellent that acts as a shield against lizards, it does not harm them. Best Lizard repellent spray for those who just want to keep them away without killing. Spray it near the places where you see the Lizards.

The spray is completely safe to use indoors and outdoors. Simply spray where you usually see Lizards spray every night and Lizards will start to run away and not visit that area.

7. HIT Spray Crawling Insect Killer



Hit, who is not familiar with this best and most popular insect repellent brand in India. No other pests repellent brands have gained a name more than this brand. Popular in repelling Cockroaches, ants, and other crawling insects.

You may be having a question in your mind that can Hit kill lizards? or Can you kill a lizard with roach spray? So let me tell you that you cannot kill Lizards with this hit but you can keep away Lizards from entering your house.

Because it consists of chemicals that can kill cockroaches and also cause irritation to the body of Lizards if sprayed on them.

This Lal Hit and Kala Hit is easily available on nearby stores or online at amazon and flipkart at best price.>>>>> Click here to check price

8. Oregamo Organic Lizard Repellent Spray



Here comes the last but best Lizard repellent spray on amazon named Oregamo Liz-Out Lizard Repellent Spray, which has a very low rating but effective product, which helps you to get rid of Lizards within 2 days.

This is also made not to kill Lizards, but just to repel them from your house. That’s it, this is all information I can give you about this product.

How to use lizard repellent spray?

If you don’t know how to use a Lizard repellent spray or this is your first time to use it then there are many things you should be aware of, First before using any repellent spray it may be Cockroach repellent spray, Lizard repellent spray always read the precautions to be taken given below. And after that start using the repellent.

Here are few easy steps to use Lizard repellent spray to remove house Lizards from home.

1. Shake well before use.

2. Use gloves while applying the repellent for safety.

3. Hold the trigger of the repellent spray.

4. Once you see the Lizard direct target to Lizards and spray directly on them.

5. Lizards will run from that place and go out of your house.

6. After they gone out of your house spray the repellent in corners, and the spray it from where these Lizards enter in your house.

7. The smell of this repellent will irritate those Lizards and make them not to come again.

8. Always wash your hands after using the Lizard repellent.

9. Repeat the procedure for at least 2 weeks till the issue of Lizards are solved.

Precautions to keep in mind before using Lizard repellents

If you are using Lizard repellent spray for the first time to get rid of Lizards at home then I request you to read these important precautions or safety measures to be taken before using Lizard repellent spray.

1. Always have a habit of reading the directions given carefully before applying Lizard repellent.

2. I suggest you wear gloves while using any repellent.

3. Open the cap of the bottle slowly and try not to throw a single drop of repellent in your hands(If not wearing Gloves).

4. Keep this bottle or repellent spray away from children.

5. Do not rub your eyes, ears, or skin while using the repellents, it will affect you and cause severe diseases.

6. After using the repellent close the bottle with the cap tightly and place it somewhere where your children can’t reach it.

7. Wash your hands, Gloves, Legs immediately after using the repellent.

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Frequently asked questions:

1. Which spray is best for lizards?

Ans – Lizard shield’s organic Lizard repellent spray and Herbal strategi Lizard repellent spray are the Best Lizard repellent spray in amazon which will help you to get rid of Lizards naturally and permanently in India.

3. What keeps lizards away from house?

Ans – Naphthalene balls(Moth balls), Egg shells, Peacock feathers many other things helps to keep Lizards away from house.

4. How to get rid of lizards at home permanently?

Ans – Get rid of Lizards at home permanently by using these things:

  • Coffee powder and Tobacco
  • Placing egg shells in each corner of your house.
  • Placing peacock feathers in your house, Because Lizards are afraid of peacock feathers.
  • Using Moth balls in Kitchen, desks, Shelves, Cabinets, closets.
  • Keeping cats as pets.

5. What scent do lizards hate?

Ans – Lizards hate smell of Garlic, Onions, Chili powder, Pepper, Tobasco Sauce, Peacock feathers, Coffee, Tobacco, Egg shells, etc. So if you want to get rid of Lizards at home in a natural way then place these things near the places where these Lizards are found.

6. What attracts lizards to your house?

Ans – Lizards get attracted to Food, water, insects, flies, plants, in your house. So always try to keep clean your house, Don’t leave food open in the places where Lizards can reach it.

7. Do lizards hate vinegar?

Ans – Lizards can’t tolerate the smell of Lemon and Vinegar, so yes they hate Vinegar.

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