7 Best cockroach Killer spray in amazon India 2022

Best cockroach Killer spray – Friends, do you know that when you see one cockroach in your house it is a sign that many other cockroaches are hiding in your house and spreading diseases like food poisoning, cholera, etc.

So we have to take care of our family members from these dangerous crawlers and diseases. To get rid of cockroaches at home permanently in India you need to have the best cockroach killer spray which has enough power to kill instantly these cockroaches.

That’s why in this post I have shared with you the top 7 best cockroach repellent and killer spray in amazon India that you should buy to remove those cockroaches from your house.

You can find these 7 best cockroach killer spray in amazon.in, direct link is given below every image, just click on BUY NOW AT AMAZON and it will directly take you to amazon.in and check the latest price and more features/description of these sprays there.

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How to use cockroach killer spray

1. Shake well before use.

2. Do not spray in room with an exposed flame. Keep away from temperatures exceeding 50 degree Celsius.

3. Do not spray on food.

4. Prevent contact with Water, food and utensils.

5. Do not use near children and pets.

6. Hold the trigger of cockroach killer spray.

7. Once you see the cockroach spray directly on them.

8. The spray will kill those cockroaches or take them away from your house.

9. Spray this cockroach spray in each corner of your house, in the Kitchen, in Bedroom, in the sink outlet, Kitchen            cabinets, Bathroom, in the cracks of walls, etc.

10. The smell of this killer spray will irritate those cockroaches and make them not to come again.

11. Always wash your hands with soap after using the cockroach repellent.

12. Repeat the procedure daily till the issue of cockroaches are solved.

Here are 7 Best cockroach killer spray and repellent in India 2022

1. Baygon the best cockroach killer spray in India

Best cockroach Killer sprayBUY NOW AT AMAZON


Baygon is one of the most popular and best Cockroach killer spray in India. Its dual-active formula contains Imiprothrin, and cypermethrin kills cockroaches that cause diseases like Food poisoning, Diarrhoea, Cholera, etc.

This Baygon cockroach killer spray is ready to use insecticide against cockroaches. It is so powerful that it can kill cockroaches within 30 seconds.

So if you want to get rid of these Cockroaches then Baygon is the best and working spray that will surely help you.

How to use Baygon Cockroach killer spray at home?

  • Spray it in each corner of your house where you notice these cockroaches, in the cracks of walls, Kitchen cabinets, in the fridge, near the gas cylinder, in the sink outlets, in and near the dustbin, etc.
  • Spray directly on the cockroaches and it will kill them within 30 seconds.
  • Use it weekly for better results.

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2. HIT Cockroach Killer Spray

Best cockroach Killer spray



Who doesn’t know about this popular pest control brand? HIT is the most popular cockroach killer brand in India because of its advertisement on TV and reviews.

Cockroaches hide in such places that are hard to reach like in the kitchen cabinets, in the cracks of walls, in the deep holes, etc. So to kill them or to get rid of them at home is too difficult for us.

That’s why to help you to remove the cockroaches from these places HIT has introduced its ‘Deep Reach Nozzle’ which reaches their places and kills them instantly.

Also, you can use HIT to get rid of other crawling insects like bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

3. Mortein Cockroach killer Spray

Best cockroach Killer sprayBUY NOW AT AMAZON


Another most popular Pests controller in India ‘Mortein‘ is the best cockroach killer spray available in Indian market.

It targets both flying and crawling insects, and kills cockroaches 2x times faster then any other cockroach killer spray.

Mortein is available in 200 ml, 400 ml and 600 ml spray in amazon India.

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4. Terminator Eco-Friendly repellent for insects and cockroaches

Best cockroach Killer spray



Here comes the instant cockroach, or Termites killer named The ‘Terminator’ wood preservative spray is the best formula that eliminates insects almost immediately and prevents any future attack.

The spray is Eco-friendly that can be used in any corner of your house. This spray is very effective and does not cause any damage to your surroundings.

This spray is made with herbal extracts which are not harmful to users.

5. DND Nanosol Flying and crawling insect killer spray

Best cockroach Killer spray



DND Nanosol contains a powerful formula that creates a preventive shield against Cockroaches and other insects, and mosquitoes and protects your family with just 3 sprays.

It comes in a stylish bottle with a pleasant fragrance, so you can stay in your room and spray it because it doesn’t irritate your breathing.

6. Herbal Strategi – JustOut Cockroach Killer spray

Best cockroach Killer spray



The name itself indicates that this cockroach killer spray is made with herbal extracts like plant-based essential oils like Lemongrass, Cedarwood oil, and Neem oil, which cockroaches hate the smell of. This spray is harsh on Cockroaches and other insects but it doesn’t kill them, Just repel them away from your house.

Plant-based, hypoallergenic cockroach repellent, great for a home with pets and kids, and a permanent solution for cockroaches.

7. Green Dragon’s All Insects repellent spray

Best cockroach Killer spray



Green Dragon’s All Insect and Cockroach repellent spray is made from naturally organically extracted compounds from aromatic plants. This spray is best for controlling Cockroaches, ants, Millipedes, Beetles, flies, and other crawling insects.

Also, it is safe for your children and pets as it does not contains any toxic chemicals in it which are harmful to you.

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Frequently asked questions:

1. How to use hit cockroach spray in kitchen?

Ans – Spray Lal hit or Kala Hit whichever you have in each corners of your kitchen, Kitchen cabinets, fridge, sink outlet, inside your dustbin, in the cracks of wall, etc.

2. What kills roaches permanently?

Ans – Boric acid, Baking soda and Roach repellent or killer spray kills cockroaches permanently.

3. Which is the best cockroach killer in India?

AnsBaygon Cockroach killer spray and HIT cockroach killer spray are the best cockroach killer in India.

4. What attracts cockroaches in house?

Ans – Cockroaches are attracted by the food, water, garbage, moisture, in your house.

5. Can baking soda kill cockroaches?

Ans – Yes, Baking soda has enough power to kill those small crawlies cockroaches.

6. What gets rid of roaches permanently?

Ans – Boric acid is one of the best home remedy to get rid of Cockroaches at home, and Using Cockroach killer spray also help you to remove lizards from home.

7. What smells keep roaches away?

Ans – Cockroaches hate the smell of Lemon, Lavender, Pandan leaves, Cinnamon, Mint Plants, Tea Tree Oil, Bay Leaves, etc. So use these things to keep roaches away from your house.

8. is cockroach spray harmful to humans?

Ans – Yes, Cockroach killer spray is harmful to humans, as it contains poisonous chemicals in it to kill Cockroaches, so if someone inhale cockroach spray it causes burning in Nose, Chest, Coughing may result and then Vomiting, also it is harmful for your Nervous system. So always be careful while using Cockroach killer spray.

9. Which is best cockroach killer gel?

Ans – Godrej HIT Anti Roach Killer Gel is the best Cockroach killer gel in India.

10. What are the diseases caused by Cockroaches?

Ans – The diseases caused by Cockroaches are Food Poisoning, Diarrhoea, Typhoid and Cholera.

11. Where do cockroaches hide?

Ans – Cockroaches hide in the corners of your house, in Kitchen, cabinets, Corners of your bed, Cupboard, in Bathroom, Inside wash basin, in the cracks of your house, etc.

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