15 Best cat breeds in India to keep as pets 2022

If you search on google for the best cat breeds in India to keep as pets then it is sure that you are looking for that one companion who stays with you, who cares for you, and who likes to play and spend time with you right?

We all know that choosing the best cat breeds to keep as pets in India is not easy, because we have to take a look at many important things before buying or adopting the cats.

Like we should see the behavior of the cat, whether they are aggressive or non-aggressive, healthy, intelligent, smart, not have a thief present in it who steals food from the kitchen, etc.

Also, the cats you are choosing should not be territorial, should be cheap and the best price to buy in India. By keeping all these things in my mind I have made a list of the Top 15 Best cat breeds in India 2022.

Hope it will be helpful for you…

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List of Best and Cutest cat breeds in India 2022

1. Muezza cat – Most popular cat in Islam

Muezza cat is the most popular and cute breed of cat in the Muslim religion. Now you may have a question of why is the Muezza cat breed the favorite of Muslims?

Then let me tell you that this cat was the favorite of Prophet Mohammed and he used to love his cat the most, that’s why Muslims love this cat breed and it is one of the best cat breeds in India.

And if you want to read the full story of this cat with Prophet Mohammed then just click here.

Temperament – Muezza cat is a breed of Abyssinian cats, and they are the most lovable, caring, and playful cat to have as a pet.

They love their owners, like to play with their toys, also like to play with kids, etc.

Origin – Don’t know the exact origin of this beautiful cat Muezza but many say that this cat originated from Saudi Arabia.

More info on Muezza cat:

1. Lifespan – Muezza cats can live up to 8 to 13 years.

2. Weight – 4 to 6 kg.

3. Height – 20 – 25 cm

4. Muezza cat price in India – 6,000 – 20,000 Indian rupees.

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2. Himalayan cat – Cute cat in India

Best cat breeds in India

The Himalayan cats are long-haired cats that are similar to Persian cats in looks. They have blue eyes which makes them the most beautiful and best cat breeds in India.

This breed is derived from crossing Persian with Siamese cats. That’s why they have long hairs like Persian and blue eyes like Siamese cats.

Himalayan cats are the best cats for kids because they love to play with them and spend time with family.

Coat – The majority parts of the Himalayan cat bodies are covered with white and cream color, But the spots or points come in different colors like Blue, Chocolate, Red, Cream, etc.

Temperament – Himalayan cats are smart, pleasant, cool-minded cat breeds, who love their owners the most and consider them as their parents. They are lazy cats who like to sleep 15 -20 hours a day.

Origin – Himalayan cats originate from India, the United States, United Kingdom, etc.

More info on a Himalayan cat:

1. Lifespan – The Himalayan cats can live up to 15 years.

2. Weight – Around 4 to 6 kg.

3. Height – 25 to 30 cm.

4. Himalayan cat price in india – These cats are one of the expensive cats in India, they cost around 20,000 to 30,000 Indian rupees. To see more prices then do visit Petplaza. in

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3. Persian cat – Best long haired cat

Best cat breeds in India

The Persian cat is the most popular cat not only in India but in the whole world. It is also called as Persian long hair or Iranian.

They are characterized by round faces, long hairs, Short muzzle, large attractive eyes.

These cats are so popular that they are seen in Hollywood and Bollywood movies, do you remember ‘Snowbell‘ in Stuart Little? Yes, the cat in that film is a Persian cat breed.

Temperament – Persians are the most beautiful, sweet, cute, affective, sociable and adorable cats who like to adore you and get adored in return.

Origin – No one in this world knows when and where these cat breeds were found. Some say that they were founded in Iran, some say in Persia. It’s like one of the mysteries in the world.

More info on Persian cat:

1. Lifespan – The Persian cats can live for 10 to 17 years.

2. Weight – Around 12 pounds (5 kg).

3. Height – 25 to 30 cm tall.

4. Persian cat price in India – The cost of Persian cats in India is around 10,000 to 20,000.

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4. Bombay cat – Best cat breeds in India

Best cat breeds in India

Bombay cats are also called small Black panthers, because of their Black color, and muscular bodies. It has short hairs with round heads which look cute and they have attractive golden eyes.

They are the best learners who love to learn amazing tricks, they like to sleep or sit in warm places like under bedsheets, below the bed or near windows, etc.

That’s why many Bombay cat owners bring the best cat bed for their pets, and it is necessary to give them their personalized cat bed.

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Temperament – The Bombay breed is the attention-seeking cat which wants more attention from their owners, they want their owners to take care of them, and if you don’t then they become a little aggressive.

But overall they are an Intelligent, smart, and cute type of breed.

Origin – Asia and United States

More info on Bombay cat:

1. Lifespan – Bombay cats can live for 10 to 18 years.

2. Weight – Around 4 to 7 kg.

3. Height – This cat breed is 28 to 40 cm tall.

4. Bombay cat price in India – The price for this breed starts from 10,000 to 20,000.

5. Maine Coon – Best family cat in India

Best cat breeds in India

This cat breed is said to be the cutest and the oldest of all cat breeds on the planet earth. They have round faces, shiny and thick coats, big paws which are pretty good at hunting, and Short legs.

Maine coons are also the best cat for kids, because they like to play, entertain with them, and like to do some mischievous things with your kids like playing with your kid’s legs, with toys, but don’t worry they will not bite them.

This cat needs regular grooming for its long, shiny coat. Before they were not so popular in India but nowadays they are becoming famous day by day.

Temperament – Maine coon cat is the silent, sweet, gentle, and best cat breeds in India. They are famous for having tough and large bodies but don’t go on to size because this cat is one of the silent and non-aggressive cats.

Origin – This cat breed was found in Maine, the New England region of the United States.

More info on Maine Coon cat:

1. Lifespan – 13 to 14 years.

2. Weight – This is one of the largest breeds of a cat after Savannah and it weighs around 5 to 9 kg.

3. Height – It is 70-100 cm long and around 40 cm tall.

4. Maine Coon cat price in india – Another costliest cat breed in India which will cost you more than 20,000 rupees.

6. Billy Indian cat – Local cats in India

Best cat breeds in India

Based on my experience, I have a male Indian billy cat. His name is Kitty. The image above belongs to him, he is more friendly and sweet than a female cat.

Whenever he sees my legs or my brother’s legs moving or walking he just runs and attacks our legs to play with them.

These cats love to play with their owners, love to sleep beside them, and want more and more attention from them.

Temperament – Indian billy cats are both aggressive and non-aggressive kinds of breed because they become aggressive if they are not treated well and not given proper food.

These cats are sweet, cute, gentle, a little aggressive, playful, and the most important thing is that they need a lot of food to eat.

Origin – India

More info on Indian billy cat:

1. Lifespan – 12 – 20 years

2. Weight – 6-7 kg.

3. Height – 30-40 cm tall.

4. Indian billy cat price in India – The price of these cat breeds starts from 5000 in India.

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7. Siamese cat – Best cat for kids

Best cat breeds in India

If you are looking for the cheapest and best cat breeds in India then the Siamese cat will be the best.

These cats love to stay with their owners full day and night, they are very much attracted towards them and want their owners to take care of them like a baby.

They have attractive blue-colored eyes which makes them look more beautiful, long legs, triangular ears, Big paws, etc.

Their body color and coat are very different from other cat breeds because they can be seen with different color spots like blue, black, chocolate, etc.

Temperament – These cats are very intelligent, caring, loyal, curious, playful and the best cat for kids in your house because they have a very calm mind and love to play with small kids.

Origin – This cat originated from Thailand.

More info on Siamese cats:

1. Lifespan – They live up to 15 years of age.

2. Weight – Siamese cats weigh between 4 -7 kg.

3. Height – They are 25 – 40 cm tall.

4. Siamese cat price in India – 20,000 to 40,000 Indian rupees.

8. American Bobtail – Best playful cat breed

Best cat breeds in India

When it comes to the strong, muscular and large cat breed then according to me American Bobtails cat comes in that list too.

Because they have a massive body, and they are quite famous for their short, distinctive tails.

You will find two types of American Bobtails in India, one with short hair and one with long hair.

Temperament – They make loving pets. No aggressive nature, gentle and obeyable cat.

Origin – They are basically from the United States.

More info on American Bobtail cat:

1. Lifespan – 13-15 years.

2. Weight – About 7 kg.

3. Height – 10 inches tall

4. American Bobtail cat price in India – The starting price of this breed in India is around 25,000 Indian rupees.

9. Ragdoll cat – Beautiful & long haired cats

Best cat breeds in India

If you want to see the most sleepy cat in the world then here it is. Ragdoll is a large, relaxed, lazy, silent, Long haired but beautiful and best cat breeds to have as a pet in India.

They are very much friendly with the family members, guests, and especially children, they love to play with them, and they will not leave any chance to sleep with their owners.

And if you are looking for such a cat then Ragdoll will be the best cat breed in India to have as a pet.

Temperament – Ragdolls are a great family pet, they are like teddy bears they are soft, sociable affectionate, and playful cats.

They are like small babies who just need attention from their owners and to gain attention from them they will do anything they want, they will make you happy, they start playing with you, etc.

Origin – They are Originated from Riverside, California.

More info on Ragdoll cat:

1. Lifespan – 15 years.

2. Weight – They weigh between 4 to 10 kg.

3. Height – 9 to 11 inches tall.

4. Ragdoll cat price in india – 25,000 to 35,000 Indian rupees.

10. Singapura cat – Small cat breeds 

Best cat breeds in India

Here comes my favorite and the best cat breeds in India, the Singapura cat. They are known for having small faces, small heights, and lightweight.

You will be shocked to know one thing about this cat is that they weigh around 4 kg maximum and it stays like this for its whole life. There will be no gain in weight at all. Aren’t they interesting friends?

Temperament – Highly intelligent than any other cat breed in India. Curious and Lovable.

Origin – Just like its name this breed is from Singapore.

More info on Singapura cat:

1. Lifespan – About 14 years.

2. Weight – 2-4 kg.

3. Height – 7-9 inches tall.

4. Singapura cat price in india – To adopt a Singapura cat will cost you around 5,000 to 30,000 Indian rupees.

11. Somali cat – Good nature cat

Best cat breeds in India

Somali cats are also called as Long haired African cats. These cats have distinctive fur that comes with four different shades on their body.

They like to play with family members, kids, etc. Their cute little face is so beautiful that if any relative comes to your house they will surely ask you to give them this cat.

Temperament – Enjoys playing with toys and kids. Smart, Sleepy, friendly.

Origin – United States.

More info on Somali cats:

1. Lifespan – about 12 years.

2. Weight – 3 to 5 kg.

3. Height – 6-11 inches tall.

4. Somali cat price in india – 3,000 to 15,000 Indian rupees.

12. Spotted cat – Best Friendly cat in India

Best cat breeds in India

Spotted cats are one of those cat breeds who are not kept as pets in India, as they are not so popular, and many people don’t like them don’t know why.

But let me tell you that they are one of the quietest, silent, and cute cats in India. They can easily adjust to any climate. And they will never leave you if you are alone, and also they don’t like to be alone.

Also, the good thing is that you don’t need to buy them, you just need to go to some animal shelters and you will get these cats for free.

Temperament – Non-aggressive, Sleepy, beautiful cat.

Origin – They are native to India and Sri-lanka.

More info on the Spotted cat:

1. Lifespan – About 12 years.

2. Weight – 1 to 3 kg.

3. Height – It is one of the smallest cats in Asia which is 30 to 40 cm tall.

4. Spotted cat price in India – 2,000 to 10,000 Indian rupees.

13. Abyssinian cat – Cute looking cat

If you are looking for an athlete cat breed then Abyssinian cats are the best climbers and love to live in places having lots of trees and gardens.

They are another best cat for your kids to play with, they take care of your kids when you are busy doing your work and also your baby will truly enjoy his company.

Temperament – Sociable, playful, little aggressive.

Origin – They are from Ethiopia and Southeast Asia.

More info on the Abyssinian cat:

1. Lifespan – 13 years.

2. Weight – 5 kg.

3. Height – 25-30 cm.

4. Abyssinian cat price in India – It will cost you around 5,000 to 15,000 Indian rupees to buy this cat.

14. British short hair cat – Strong and soft cat

British short hair cats are the ones who don’t like to be petted like other cat breeds but come in the list of Best cat breeds in India. They are individually strong, intelligent, smart, and lazy cats to have as a pet at home.

They are one of the sleepy cats in the world who just want to rest and don’t want to do any work and exercise.

But they are good with family members, and kids, they get attracted towards people easily.

Temperament – Cool-minded cat, Best cat for kids, Calm, Silent, Gentle.

Origin – Great Britain.

More info on British short hair cats:

1. Lifespan – They can live up to 15-20 years

2. Weight – 3 to 7 kg.

3. Height – 30 to 45 cm.

4. British short hair cat price in India – 10,000 to 25,000 Indian rupees.

15. Exotic short hair – Beautiful round shaped cat

Are you a lazy person or a lazy cat owner? If yes, Then the Exotic short hair cat breed is for you, Because it has short hairs, you no need to do grooming for it for a long time.

They also have a Persian cat face which makes them more beautiful and best cat breeds in India like Persian cats.

Temperament – Friendly with kids and other cats and dogs. Calm, sweet, and playful.

Origin – United States.

More info on Exotic Short hair cat:

1. Lifespan – 12 to 15 years.

2. Weight – 5 to 6 kg.

3. Height – 25 to 45 cm tall.

4. Exotic short hair cat price in India – The most expensive cats in India, will cost you around 40,000 to 60,000 Indian rupees.

Conclusion on 15 Best cat breeds in India 2022

After reading this entire article on the Best cat breeds in India, I hope you have got your answer and are clear on which cat breed to adopt to keep as pets. So if you like this post then please share this with your friends and relatives and help them to choose the correct cat.

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