11 working tips to get rid of Lizards at home naturally in India 2022

How to get rid of Lizards at home? I know that are you looking for this answer and searching for the article which can give you the best working tips to get rid of Lizards, Then don’t worry in this post I have shared with you 11 working tips to remove those terrifying Lizards from home naturally in India without killing them and by applying these tips I have made my house a Lizard free home.

Lizards are one of those reptiles that can be seen in almost every house in India. They are warm animals who love to live in warm places. So whenever the summer arrives there will be one fear of terrifying-looking creepy crawlies named Lizards coming inside our house.

But don’t worry house Lizards are not dangerous and poisonous for humans, but still, they are pests that can cause severe diseases. So to stop those Lizards from entering your house I have listed the best working tips to get rid of Lizards at home which will surely help you to make your place a Lizard-free home.

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Here are the list of best working tips to get rid of Lizards at home

1. Always cover your food

Always keep your kitchen and dining table clean because the food is the favorite of lizards and they get attracted towards the food fast. Never leave the food lying around your house, Have the habit of cleaning plates, pans, and other cooking vessels after making and finishing every meal. If you do this then surely you are one step ahead to get rid of lizards from home naturally.

working tips to get rid of Lizards

2. Put leftover food in the dustbin

You know that the leftover or open food attracts various types of insects and ants, which indirectly attracts the Lizards because the Lizards love to eat insects. You might have seen in your house Lizards eating insects like dragonfly, ants, worms, cockroaches, bugs, etc. So it is better to dispose the leftover food or Put it in the dustbin.

3. Using Naphthalene balls (Moth balls) helps to get rid of Lizards naturally

Here is an amazing fact about Naphthalene balls, that Lizards cannot tolerate the pungent smell of these balls, and they don’t go near the places where these naphthalene balls are kept. So this is another best working tips to get rid of lizards at home.

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Keep these balls in the Kitchen, closets, Corners of your house from where Lizards enter, In kitchen cabinets, shelves, and all other places where you feel the Lizards will get inside your house. But remember one thing: don’t keep it near the places where your child can reach, because it is dangerous for your child if they swallow it.

4. Place empty eggshells in each corner of your house

working tips to get rid of Lizards

Humans don’t like the smell of eggshells, Like The same Lizards also hate the smell of eggshells, So place it in each corner of your house or place it in the location from where these lizards enter your house. This is the best and natural way to remove Lizards from the house without killing them.

5. Keep cats as pets (Best working tips to get rid of lizards)

working tips to get rid of Lizards

My favorite trick is to keep a cat as a pet to get rid of Lizards from home because cats are best at hunting Lizards. I have a cat in my house which keeps away Lizards and now my home is Lizard free because of her.

But let me tell you one thing: Don’t give your cat to eat the Lizards they catch, because Lizards have a liver fluke named parasite which is harmful to your cat, also it can lead her to death. Be careful.

6. Spray the solution of pepper spray, chilli powder, Tabasco Sauce

working tips to get rid of Lizards

Want to get rid of Lizards in a very natural way and prevent them from returning? Then here is another natural trick, where you should mix some of the chilli powder or Tabasco Sauce or Black pepper whatever you want in water and spray the solution wherever you see Lizards or insects. The reason is that these solutions irritate the Lizards or insects and cause allergic reactions.

7. Another working tips to get rid of Lizards is Splashing Cold water on Lizards

Have you ever noticed Lizards in your house during Cold weather? No, right. Do you know why? The reason is they are warm-blooded reptiles who love to live in warm places. So whenever you see a Lizard splash cold fridge water on it and it will never come back again in your house.

8. Use Lizard Repellent spray to remove Lizards from home

You will find Lizard repellent sprays in nearby shops or online at amazon. After buying, spray it into the places where you have noticed Lizards before and spray it near the entrance of Lizards, after doing this they will never come back, and you will get rid of Lizards easily. Also you will find electronic Lizard repellent which will help you to remove Lizards from your house.

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9. Coffee powder and Tobacco powder balls can kill Lizards easily

working tips to get rid of Lizards

Coffee is one of the healthiest drinks to consume for humans, And Tobacco is dangerous. But do you know that you can kill Lizards by using these two things. Yes, mix both Coffee powder and Tobacco which is poison for Lizards, make small balls of them and place it in your house where you see the Lizards.

10. Keeping peacock feathers can help you get rid of Lizards at home without Killing them.

Lizards are afraid of peacocks as peacocks are predators of Lizards. So if you place peacock feathers in your house then Lizards will never enter your house.

11. Placing onion and Garlic is best working tips to get rid of lizards

Yes, Garlic and Onions have strong smell which Lizards can’t tolerate, This working tips is also used in my house to get rid of Lizards at home, My mother just hang the Garlic and Onion in the corners of our house from where Lizards enter, And whenever they try to come inside our house they see the hanging Onion and Garlic and they don’t dare to come inside. This is the Best Desi Indian working tips to get rid of Lizards at home naturally without killing them.

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Frequently asked questions:

1. What attracts lizards in the house?

Ans –  Lizards are attracted to many things like exposed food, Insects, ants, flies, water, Fruits, plants, etc. So don’t keep the food open in the areas where Lizards can reach. And always close the doors and windows of your house because Lizards can enter easily from there.

2. What smell do lizards hate?

Ans –  Lizards hate the smell of Garlic, Onion, Egg shells, Peacock feathers, Naphthalene balls, Spicy scents and Some strong smell of Coffee, Tobacco, etc. So if you want to get rid of Lizards at home naturally then this is the best working tip of keeping these required things given above in the places where you see Lizards.

3. What are house lizards afraid of?

Ans – House Lizards are afraid of Peacock feathers because peacocks are the predators of Lizards. Also, they are afraid of spicy scents like Tabasco Sauce, Chilli powder, and pepper spray because this irritates their skin if you spray it on their body.

4. What is the best lizard repellent to get rid of Lizards at home?

Ans – Lizard Shield Organic Lizard Repellent Killer For Home and PIDILITE Terminator Eco-Friendly Termite Killer Spray is the best Lizard repellents that help you to get rid of Lizards at home, Also this is available on amazon.

5. Will vinegar get rid of lizards?

Ans –  Lizards don’t like the smell of Vinegar and if you spray it around your house near the places where you find Lizards then they don’t try to enter or go to that place where you have sprayed Vinegar.

6. Can bleach kill a lizard?

Ans – Bleach contains chemicals that can burn the bodies of insects and Lizards in your House. So yes this is another best way to kill Lizards by splashing bleach on their body.

7. Can you kill a lizard with cock roach spray?

Ans –  Cockroach sprays are so powerful that they can harm humans easily, then what are Lizards in front of roach spray, they will easily die by the irritation caused by the chemical present in it.

8. Do lizards die in cold weather?

Ans – Lizards mostly live in warm places and they cannot survive cold weather, they lose the ability to maintain their body during winter. So yes there are chances that Lizards can die in cold weather.

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I hope that I have solved your problem of How to get rid of Lizards at home naturally in India, and these 11 working tips will help you to remove Lizards from your home permanently.

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