10 Best pee pads for dogs and puppies on amazon India 2022 | Reviews

Best pee pads for dogs and puppies – Hey first of all I want to Congratulate you for adopting a new Puppy, which is great work done by you by giving life for that living thing,

But a new puppy brings new problems to your house, and the main problem which I am talking about is Toilet and peeing everywhere.

Every dog owner gets irritated when their puppy pees or does the toilet inside their house. That’s why it is necessary to give your dog toilet training using pee pads.

For this, you should bring the best pee pads for dogs that should be leak-proof, stay dry and fight the bad smell of your dog’s pee.

If you are looking for the best dog training pee pads then you are at the right place where I will give you the review on the 10 Best pee pads for dogs and puppies to buy online on Amazon India 2022.

But before that let us see What are dog pads and their importance?

What are Dog pee pads?

Dog pee pads are either rectangular or square-shaped absorbent material used to soak up any sort of puppy mess. It prevents the pet owner from cleaning the shit done by dogs inside and outside their house.

Dog pee pads are also known as Dog training pads, Wee Wee pads, Potty pads, etc. If you have a newborn puppy or an old dog that has a pee leaking problem and if you are looking for the solution then pee pads will help you.

Dog pads come in 2 varieties:

  1. Disposable – Can be used only once.
  2. Washable or Reusable – This kind of pad can be washed and used again and again.

Why are Dog pee pads important?

Dog pads serve as a security for you and your buddy, it helps the dogs to pee easily without damaging the floor of your house and prevents you from cleaning your dog’s potty.

They are important for the senior dogs who have the urine leaking problem and the puppies who are not trained to go out for potty.

Are you in a Hurry?

If you don’t have time to read the entire article on best pee pads for dogs and select one dog pad from those 10.

Then to make you easy i have chosen the top best Dog training pad you can buy on amazon India.


This Amazon Basics Pet Training and Puppy Pad is #1 best of the best pad you will get in the market. You will be shocked to know that this pet product has more than 1,00,000 ratings on amazon.

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Buyer Guide for best pee pads for dogs 2022

Now let us discuss some of the points that you should consider before buying the dog pads in nearby store or online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

1. Size

Size of the pad depends on the size of your Dog. If you have a small sized dog then i recommend you to buy a medium mat and if you have a large sized dog then the large pee pad will be the best.

2. Material of the pad

Most of the Vets recommend having multi-layered pee pads for dogs, as it absorbs the liquid fast and there will be no complaint of urine or potty leakage.

3. Type of Dog pad

As I said above, there are 2 types of Dog pads available in the market, they are:

  • Disposable dog pad.
  • Washable or Reusable dog pad.

Out of these two, the best dog pee pad which I recommend to you is a Disposable one, because it can be used once and you can throw it directly into the trash bin.

Why I don’t recommend the Washable or Reusable dog pad is because they are a little more expensive than disposable potty pads and you have to wash them again and again after being used.

4. Tear Resistant

Do you have a destructive or aggressive Dog? If yes then you should buy dog pee pad that is tough and cannot be destroyed by your dog.

5. Select the pad that has scent

Scented pads will stop the bad smell of your dog’s poop or pee from spreading in your house.

Reviews on 10 Best pee pads for dogs and puppies on amazon

1. AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy pee Pads for dogs

pee pads for dogs



Multiple sizes and quantities are available on this Amazon basics pee pad for dogs, you will have an option to select whether you want Regular or Extra-large pee pads.

Also, you have an option for How many dog pads you want to buy. Each of these pads measures 22 x 22 inches that is square in shape, with the center pad measuring 19 x 19 inches.

The dog pad has 1.5-inch plastic border on all sides to prevent overflow of your dog’s pee. Super absorbent core that turns urine or liquid to gel upon contact.

Great for training puppies, assisting aging dogs, or as an alternative to the outdoors for indoor dogs.


  • Most selling Dog pee pads on amazon India.
  • More than 1 lakh ratings.
  • Soft.
  • Smell’s fresh.
  • Leak-proof with plastic lining to prevent damage to floors.
  • Quick-dry surface with built-in attractant.


  • Price is little expensive.
  • Light in weight, it will blow around if you turn on the fan.
  • Slippery.

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2. AmazonBasics Carbon Pet Training and pee Pads (Extra Large)

pee pads for dogsBUY NOW AT AMAZON


Your dog will enjoy the ultimate convenience and enhanced peace of mind while using this pee pad.

Specially designed for puppies and large dogs, it works well in training your newborn puppy and assisting senior dogs.

Made with non-woven material with protective PE film. The Disposable carbon training pads for dogs is made with a 5-layer construction that can easily absorb your dog’s urine and dry it.

Also, it has a Carbon component present in it to control the bad smell of your dog’s potty or pee. It can be used indoors, outdoors and in cars.


  • More than 13,000 ratings have been given to this pet product.
  • Avoid everyday messes while traveling in the car, use it as a dog car seater.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dries fast and it wicks away moisture from the top layer of the pad so that your buddy finds the best location to stay.
  • Includes Carbon components that help your home to be fresh and clean.
  • Available in 2 sizes, Regular and Extra large.
  • Leak-proof dog pad.


  • Not easily available.
  • No thickness.

3. PupPee’s Super Absorbent, Water Proof, Non Slippery dog pads

pee pads for dogsBUY NOW AT AMAZON



PupPee dog potty and pee training pads are made in India with premium quality materials. The Best pee pads for dog’s poop training, and it will make your dog’s Potty training more enjoyable.

These pee pads for dogs are best for apartments, small houses and large houses and If your dog is unable to walk outside for excretion of potty and pee this pad will help them.

Their small size dog pad can absorb up to 3 cups of water and medium large size can absorb 6 cups of water easily.

This attractive pee pad contains a natural woody attractant Pheromones which helps the pet to use the pad.

It has 4-layer leak-proof design, the top layer dries the urine of your puppy quickly and reduces the odour.

The inner layer provides the maximum absortion which leads the left over to reach the pulp layer which turns liquid into gel.

The last layer provides water proof, non-slip protective plastic lining.


  • You can place it in the backseat of your car while traveling.
  • Easy to use in a dog crate or kennel.
  • Durable.
  • Tear Resistant.
  • Use and throw pads, no need of washing and reusing it.
  • Price is affordable.
  • Non slippery.


  • Small in size according to some reviewers.

4. AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Pet and Dog urine absorbent mat

pee pads for dogsBUY NOW AT AMAZON



This Amazon basics pee pad for dogs is one of the best choices for those who are giving their dog potty or pee training.

The pad offers exceptional convenience and superior performance that makes it easy to help your dog learn fast.

This poop pad also acts great for old-age dogs that are experiencing incontinence.


  • Heavy-duty pet and puppy training pads.
  • Thicker and more absorbent than the original.
  • Quick-dry surface with built-in attractant.
  • Extra-absorbent core.
  • Ideal for puppies, sick or aging dogs, or dogs without timely outdoor access.


  • Some customers complain that it leaks.
  • Thin quality.

5. REHTRAD Pack of 50 Water proof Pee Pads for Dogs

pee pads for dogsBUY NOW AT AMAZON



The REHTRAD pee pads for dogs are another best-selling disposable dog pads that include a Pack of 50, Pack of 100, and Pack of 150 Puppy Training Pads, and the size of these dog potty training pads is 45 x 60 cm.

Its 6-layer highly absorbent design optimizes the pads to be super absorbent and leak-proof.

It dries the liquid very fast as the top layer of the pad is durable, non-woven fabric. The bottom layer is a waterproof PE film, that is highly absorbent, quick-drying, and resistant to scratches and tears.

You can easily use this size of pee pads for dogs, Small cats, and other animals. Also can be used in Pet cages.


  • Waterproof.
  • The price is not expensive.
  • Clean deodorant.
  • Easy to clean.


  • a little thin in size.
  • Not suitable for large dogs.

6. Maissen Reusable & Washable Pee Pads for dogs + Hygenic Pet Dry Sheet

pee pads for dogs



Maissen Washable Waterproof Pet Dry Sheet is the best of all dog pads that protect your furniture, carpet, sofa, car seats from dirt, urine, and poop.

Washable Maissen Pet Dry Sheets will bring warm coziness to your pet’s home.

It has the tender and delicate material on one side and a waterproof layer on the other side, with absorbent material between the layers that can keep your floors and furniture safe from pet urine or slobber.


  • The dog pee pad is made from high-quality materials making them lightweight and durable.
  • They are very easy to wash and maintain.
  • Machine washable.
  • Material is soft.


  • You will get only 1 piece of dog pad.

7. PH Tidy Disposable dog Training and pee pads for dogs

pee pads for dogs



If you are looking for super absorbent pee pads for dogs then PH Tidy pet training pads are the one that ensures maximum absorption, complete dryness, and comfort.

These dog training pads have fast absorbency and sealed edges ensure no leakage and cleanliness. Its quick-drying top layer locks in the wetness and reduces odors.


  • Heavy-duty leak-proof liner helps in protecting floors and carpets.
  • Ideal for all kinds of pets small, medium, or large.
  • It can be used at home and also outdoors.


  • It does not block the bad smell of your dog’s urine.
  • Don’t know how many cups of urine or liquid it can hold.

8. Amorite Waterproof, Washable and High Absorption Puppy Training Pads

pee pads for dogs



Amorite dog pee pads provide extraordinary quality of the mat and its size fits easily to any kind of furniture in your house.

Its Premium & Durable pad can be washed and used multiple times.

Tender and delicate material on one side and a waterproof layer on the other side, with absorbent material between the layers that can keep your floors and furniture against pet urine or slobber.

This Amorite Waterproof Travel essential Dry pee pad saves your time, space, energy, and money and besides that brings a lot of love to the relationship with your dog.


  • Available in different colors – Dark Blue, Maroon, Pink, Royal Blue, Salmon Rose, Sea Blue.
  • Available in different sizes – Small, Medium, Large.
  • Not expensive.


  • Customers with larger dogs say that this poop training pad leaks.

9. Goofy Tails 5 Layer Pee Pads for Dogs that absorbs up to 5 cups of liquid

pee pads for dogsBUY NOW AT AMAZON



Goofy Tails Pet Training Potty & Toilet Pads are Powerful Attractant and Natural Antibacterial Agent that kills Germs and Mites.

The adhesive Strip helps to fix the pad on the floor or any other place you like.

Prevent Leaking & run off with Advanced Polymer Technology & 100% More Absorbent


  • Train Easily – Goofy Tails Heavy Duty Training pads are equipped with a built-in attractant to help bring the dog to the pad, interact with the pad, and finally encourage your pet to use the pad.
  • Goofy Tails dog pee pads are designed and manufactured with 5 layer leak-proof protection
  • Goofy Tails pee pads have Pheromone attractants to Entice, Encourage and Engage your Pup / Dog in potty training.
  • Natural antibacterial agents kill germs, bacteria, and mites preventing urinary and other infections to the dog and the owner.
  • The training pads for puppies are disposable, making them hygienic for the pet owner and the puppy.
  • Strong poly material used to manufacture the pads ensures no tearing and mess during usage.
  • Food and water bowl mat placement – Place under your pet’s food and water bowl to contain spills and drips from messy eaters and drinkers.


  • One customer said that the absorbent was missing a large portion.
  • Thinnest pee pad with no soaking ability.

10. Electomania 100 Pieces of Ultra-Absorbent Puppy Potty Pee Piddle Pads



Electomania disposable pet diaper pad is made with high-quality material that has a breathable cotton surface. It prevents dirt from your dog’s excretion from spreading in your house.

Suitable for family pets, pet farms, pet hospitals, pet beauty salons, etc.


  • Absorbent polymer.
  • fast water absorption.
  • clean deodorant, no irritation.
  • good water locking function.
  • can keep the diapers for a long time dry.


  • Many customers complain that this pad makes the floor wet.
  • Price is expensive.

What are Pros and Cons of Dog pee pads?

Now let us discuss some of the Pros and Cons of Dog pads. This portion is for those who don’t know what dog pad is and whether it is good or bad?


  • It is used in poop or potty training for dogs.
  • If your dog is scared of going out to pee then the pee pads for dogs help them to poop comfortably inside your house.
  • It protects your house floor from urine leaks, stinks, and spills.
  • A great option for dogs that may not be able to go outside because of illness or medical problems.
  • Best option for the dogs living in apartments, who don’t have a garden or a place outside to go and pee.
  • Very Convenient.
  • It prevents you from cleaning the shit done by your dog.
  • They quickly dry the urine and can throw it in the trash.
  • The price of dog pee pads is very cheap if you buy a full bundle of the packet.


  • Once your dog gets the habit of doing poop inside the house then it will be very difficult for you to train him to excrete outside.
  • You will become lazy.
  • The most important cons of a dog pee pad is that your buddy might think any square or rectangle-shaped cloth is an acceptable place to do potty, like Your sofa covers, Dining table covers, Yoga Mat,


Atlast we have come to an end of this Review on Best pee pads for dogs and puppies available on amazon India 2022.

Hope i have solved your problem by helping you to choose the best potty training pad for your dog and i think you have already purchased the pad by clicking on the link given below of every image.

Well, Thank you for reading this article and if you find this good then do share it with your friends and family members so that they can also get an idea on which dog pad is best to buy for their Tommy.

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